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I like it.

My knee doesn’t like it so much but I like it. Lots of good information here and a pretty good workout. I hope to be able to keep doing this for a while.

It isn’t this style nut this one of the better vids I saw.


I’m going to do kung fu, Yuechia Chuan if I can from I.P. If not I will try Wing Chun.

Nice low kicks, good hand techniques and I don’t have to do the martial arts re-wire that you have to do when you do a dramatic style switch.

I don’t know if I can kick using my right leg for my base leg. It scares me. I wish there was a martial arts school that fit my schedule and my pocket book.

No taekwondo, I was never all that kicky when I was in shape, let alone now.

Maybe karate.

Maybe kung-fu if it is the right style.

My strengths:

I practice hard

Good hand technique

I’ve been around the block a few times, I know how to fight.


Bad right knee. I mean really bad.

Way overweight (but that is not a reason not to practice)


Because there are a lot of changes coming up in my life. Getting married in a couple weeks, going back to martial arts, just don’t know which art yet.

And of course preparing for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  I need to lose weight big time, my knee is shot, I am going to have to get some plastic in there before much longer.